coffee of Lake Garda

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  • Caffè Latorre logo

    Caffè Latorre blend

    The intensity of a harmonious coffee, with a strong and fulfilling taste, a balance of flavours that fully satisfies the palate after tasting. Hints of almond, toasted hazelnut, panettone and candied fruit accompany the coffee flavour. An aftertaste of liquorice remains once the cup is empty, accompanying the palate when finished.  

  • Caffè 70° logo

    Caffè 70° blend

    An intense spicy aroma wafts from the cup, reminiscent of faraway destinations. The hazelnut-coloured cream encloses a strong body that balances the acidity, with hints of almond and candied fruit.
    A pleasant sweet and bitter aftertaste keeps the flavour and memory alive of an excellent "Caffè 70° blend".

  • Blend caffè Haway logo

    Caffè Haway blend

    A delicate, aromatic blend, veined with hazelnut colour. Spices of bitter cocoa, candied fruit and panettone capture the nose. From the first sip, the palate is pleasantly infused with sweet and bitter notes. This, alongside the soft, tiger striped, crema top, caresses the palate and the flavours remain for the duration.

04 / 10 / 2022
L’origine del caffè in grani

L’origine del caffè, nella cultura italiana, è spesso associata ai Paesi del centro e sud America. 
La vera origine del caffè è invece da associare ad un luogo ben preciso che si trova sul continente africano.

01 / 08 / 2022
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