Coffee training

In-house courses

As an artisan roasting company, one of our goals is to spread the message of a proper coffee culture. That's why we don't just produce and offer an authentic and high-quality product, but we are also committed to training people.


Spreading a coffee culture also involves moments of conviviality and interaction. Moments for delving into a specific aspect of coffee making, through the involvement of professionals from the industry. The events we organise are both educational and offer an opportunity to taste our artisan products.

coffee preparation demonstration
training and barista courses for coffee in Brescia

Events and discussions of ideas are mainly held in our coffee roaster. Why here and not in a comfortable meeting room?

Because this is where the coffee aromas are, and only here you can get to the heart of the production process and you can observe, perhaps even "touch and feel", the transformation of the coffee beans.

how to prepare the perfect coffee