Blend Caffè Haway

A fine blend, veined with hazelnut colour and with enveloping aromas.  
Spices of bitter cocoa, candied fruit and panettone capture the sense of smell whilst, from the first sip, the palate is pleasantly infused with sweet and bitter notes. This, alongside the soft, tiger striped, crema top, caresses the palate and the flavours remain for the duration. 

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Candied fruit

Caffè Haway blend, coffee beans, 1 kg bag

Caffè Haway blend ,coffee beans.
1 kg bag. 
Shelf life 15 months. 

28,5 €

Caffè Haway blend, coffee beans, 250 gr bag

Caffè Haway blend, coffee beans. 
250 gr bag.
Shelf life 15 months. 

7,80 €

Caffè Haway blend, ground coffee for moka and filter machine

A fine, hazelnut-coloured blend catches the eye in the compact 250g. tin, from which emanates enveloping aromas.  
The tin, which is entirely recyclable, allows you to keep the taste of your favourite coffee with you at all time! 
Nitrogen-packed, the product has a shelf life of 23 months.  
To enjoy it at its best, we recommend opening it 10 minutes before making the coffee to revitalise all its fragrances..

7,8 €