Latorre coffee blend. Quality and authenticity

The coffee bean, extracted in the countries of origin (coffee plantations in Central America, Central Africa and South India) is delivered to us in bags made of jute. On arrival at our warehouse, after an initial quality control, the product is conveyed into dedicated temperature and humidity-controlled silos. After the required time, the product is ready to be transformed into a coffee blend.

When the beans are roasted, they are transported to the roasting machine through a specific sampling system that controls the percentage and weight of each bean variety. Our coffee blends are created at this stage. In our laboratory, this phase is supervised manually. We rely on smelling the aromas and hearing the sound of the beans, which varies constantly the longer time passes in the roaster. The production time of our coffee is determined by the skills and experience of our staff.

fase di raffreddamento del chicco di caffè tostato

Selection of coffee blends

The coffee blends we produce are characterised by the percentage of coffee beans we use. The cooling process takes place very gradually and varies according to the surrounding temperature.

After a phase of quality analysis of the roasted beans, the coffee is ready for the last step. During the production of coffee beans, the product is transferred directly to the bagging machine. In the production of moka coffee blends, the beans are transferred to the grinder.

macinazione e insacchettamento caffè